- What happens if an event is postponed or is cancelled?
Rarely, an event is postponed or canceled. Although it does not depend on us, we will inform you as soon as possible, so that you can attend the event in the new schedule. If you are unable to attend the event at the new schedule, we will do our best to offer you a refund. Alternatively, we can help you offer your tickets for resale. In case the event is canceled, in many cases the organizers offer the refund of the tickets. Please note: We are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the organizers of the events, which vary in each event. We will do our best to help you in these cases. In most cases it is possible to return a considerable sum through resale or reimbursement, but we can not guarantee that.

- Do I have to inform the hotel about the arrival of my tickets?
It is very important that you report to your hotel. The hotel should know that you are waiting for the delivery of an envelope and the reception of the hotel must receive and sign 'received' confirming its receipt. Some general recommendations:

- How do I receive my tickets?
For each category of tickets you will find a orange button for purchase . More information about shipping method can be found there. There are usually one or two options available for the shipment of each entry. Some general: normally supply your tickets to your hotel, a day before the match. Delivery service performs a local courier. A local private home is acceptable.
- We are not thinking about staying in a hotel in the city of the event, but the only option available for the delivery of inputs is the delivery at the hotel. What can we do?
We can probably offer you an alternative solution, usually by offering a collection point in a hotel in the center or another collection point in the city center, especially in the following cities where we concentrate most of our activity: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, London, Manchester, Munich and Paris. To do this, when placing your order on our page, please send a relevant comment in the "Notes" section on the first page of purchase. Upon receiving your request, we will contact you and we will do our best to assist you. Please note that the cost of sending the tickets to the alternate collection site will be charged ..

- why the price paid for the tickets is higher than the price printed on them?
EventFactory.es Operates in the secondary market where the availability of the inputs and their prices are determined and differentiated by the supply and demand of the market. Therefore, in high profile events or where the sale is finished it is expected that the sale price of the tickets will be much higher than their nominal value. Also, keep in mind that in most cases we buy the tickets at a price much higher than their face value and we add a modest margin to reflect the different expenses that we have to obtain to process your order, among which: maintenance And updating our multilingual website, maintaining a network of representatives and suppliers, purchasing subscribers, not to mention offering excellent customer service. We do our best to keep our prices competitive while offering you a wide range of tickets accompanied by excellent customer service.

- I just buy tickets online what I should receive and what will be the next step?
In a few minutes you will receive automatic email which means that we have received your order details and started processing them. Within one business day you will receive another email with all the details we need to ensure the delivery of your tickets. No need to contact us. Each order goes into processing immediately. We are at your complete disposal to speak with you in case you have questions or doubts, before or after sending your order. Just use our contact form or call us at + 34-913271006 during office hours.

- What do we do if I still don't any hotel booked?
If you have not booked any hotel yet you can place order now and send the hotel data at a later time. In order to ensure its own delivery must be completed that information a week before the event. Our service team customer will be in contact with you from the moment that the entries are ordered and confirmed.

- Where, exactly, will I be seated?
The categories of tickets we can offer are specified on each event page. We share all the information we have available. When we only write "Preferred" or "Background" - means that we do not have more precise information about your seat. We always provide the available tickets improvements, but we can not give specific indication or guarantee on the exact location of the seat. Please remember that most matches we offer tickets for are matches where tickets are already sold out.

- Can you guarantee that our seats will be together?
If not otherwise written, we are committed to sitting at least in pairs. • If you are three or more, we will do our best to sit together. However, we can not guarantee it. • If you MUST sit together, please check availability with our Customer Service team by phone or email. In most cases we will be able to confirm a specific request. • Sometimes we offer "individual" tickets. They are usually cheaper but are what they are - individual. Take note: in some stadiums (most famous Barcelona "Camp Nou") seats together also includes diagonal and perpendicular.

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